Evangelical Church

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Evangelical Church:

see Evangelical United Brethren ChurchEvangelical United Brethren Church,
Protestant denomination created (1946) by the union of the Evangelical Church and the United Brethren in Christ. Both denominations originated early in the 19th cent. and had similarities in organization and polity.
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While Evangelism in Jordan and Palestine has its roots in the times of foreign missionaries, today's leaders are entirely local, mostly because of the autonomous and independent nature of Evangelical church governance.
in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary and is an ordained elder of the Evangelical Church.
His good friend Barbara Wheeler, then-president of Austin Theological Seminary, wrote a parallel article titled "Why the Liberal Church needs the Evangelical Church.
Claire Zuhosky will be a development specialist at a youth center with the Evangelical Church in the Republic of Niger.
The Evangelical Church has 60 different groups under its umbrella including churches from India, China, Korea, Africa, Europe and Philippines to mention a few.
The conflict broke out after the ministry issued a disclaimer last Thursday banning its directorates from dealing with the Evangelical Church without going back to the ministry.
15) to BD20, are available at the National Evangelical Church, St Christopher's Church, Sacred Heart Church and Nonoo exchange in Juffair, Sr and Exhibition Avenue.
This is the third time Prases Schneider was in Namibia since he took leadership of the Evangelical Church in Rhineland in 2003.
Bishop Hermann Kunst, the representative of the Evangelical Church at the West German government, passed the letter on to the German foreign ministry with the note that the assessment was "at least interesting.
No surprise then when I read the comments attributed to Alistair Barker, the secretary for Heath Evangelical Church, and found them sadly lacking in so-called Christian spirit ("Sainsbury's plan faces opposition", Echo, April 8).
She served as secretary of the Union Evangelical Church in Hopedale from 1952 until her retirement.
First lady Michelle Obama expanded her "Let's Move" initiative to include congregations last November and marked its one-year anniversary in February at an evangelical church outside Atlanta.

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