Evangelical Church

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Evangelical Church:

see Evangelical United Brethren ChurchEvangelical United Brethren Church,
Protestant denomination created (1946) by the union of the Evangelical Church and the United Brethren in Christ. Both denominations originated early in the 19th cent. and had similarities in organization and polity.
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Andrej Samuel Royko, one of the richest burghers and a generous supporter of the Evangelical church, is buried here.
News reports suggest there are approximately 19,000 Evangelical churches in Latin America and more than 100 million worshipers--roughly a sixth of the region's population.
While Evangelism in Jordan and Palestine has its roots in the times of foreign missionaries, today's leaders are entirely local, mostly because of the autonomous and independent nature of Evangelical church governance.
Western Conference of the Evangelical Church Superintendent Steve Strutz noted, "Our denomination extends over several states and countries, but before now, one state glaringly missing in the church directory was the Gem State, with its 1.6 million residents.
Those outside the evangelical church will see hope beyond the narrow rhetoric that fills the media -- indeed, this is not just the future of the evangelical movement, it's the present.
Abstract: The gradual evolution of the nineteenth-century "Egly Amish" into the twenty-first-century Fellowship of Evangelical Churches may be interpreted as a classic case of the Anabaptist-Mennonite declension thesis, with evangelical contacts and commitments serving as the catalysts for eclipsing any obvious Anabaptist identity.
His good friend Barbara Wheeler, then-president of Austin Theological Seminary, wrote a parallel article titled "Why the Liberal Church needs the Evangelical Church." She clearly comes to the matter at hand from a liberal point of view.
--Claire Zuhosky will be a development specialist at a youth center with the Evangelical Church in the Republic of Niger.
Management of the Evangelical Church in Abu Dhabi said the church situated on the airport road area will be open till 3am on the Christmas eve.
Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe is an international NGO that represent the Evangelical Church and was founded in 1954.
The ministry stated that it did not mean, by its disclaimer, to stop coordination with the Evangelical Church, and instead claimed the disclaimer was misunderstood.
Details of the event were confirmed during a press conference at the National Evangelical Church in Manama yesterday.

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