Evans, Colin

Evans, Colin

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Born in Wales, Colin Evans was a British medium who had the ability to levitate. He was photographed in the 1930s levitating three feet off the ground. This levitation took place at London’s Conway Hall, before a large audience during a public séance. His feat seemed to emulate that of Daniel Dunglas Home which was described in August, 1852 by F. L. Burr, editor of Hartford Times, “Suddenly, without any explanation on the part of the company, Home was taken up into the air … Again and again he was taken from the floor, and the third time he was carried to the ceiling of the apartment.”

Colin Evans similarly rose into the air while in trance. His levitation took place in the center of the auditorium, where there was no possibility of fraud from hidden wires or similar.


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