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The study's results showed that when the atmosphere was relatively dry, evaporation was an important factor in radar rainfall estimation, and accounting for evaporation led to significantly more accurate rainfall estimates.
"Right now, forecasts are generally not accounting for what happens to a raindrop after it is picked up by radar," said a researcher, Neil Fox, "Evaporation has a substantial impact on the amount of rainfall that actually reaches the ground.
To study the influence of substrate roughness on the evaporation of the PTFE droplet, we characterized the surface morphology and roughness of the substrate.
Flash evaporation of single-component liquid is an isenthalpic process.
The condensation coefficient used in the equation is effective for empirically correcting the predicted rate of evaporation into vacuum [16, 18, 19] or a gas atmosphere [1, 20-23].
Generators could tap evaporation power from the water bodies when needed, the team claimed, unlike solar or wind facilities which require expensive batteries.
[11], pan evaporation was modeled by both ANFIS and artificial neural network (ANN) and their results showed only a slight difference between these methods.
To evaluate the evaporative drying process in the field condition, especially to determine the timing of stages of evaporation process, there is need to determine the evaporation rate from soils.
Woven plastic sheets called geo-textiles or landscape cloth allow water and air to penetrate the soil and effectively reduce evaporation. They're also good at suppressing weeds.
To determine the solvent evaporation rates the solutions were weighted every 05 minutes.