Evdokim Romanov

Romanov, Evdokim Romanovich


Born Aug. 30 (Sept. 11), 1855, in Novo-Belitsa, in what is now Gomel’; died Jan. 20, 1922, in Stavropol’. Byelorussian ethnographer, folk-lorist, and archaeologist.

Romanov’s major work was the Byelorussian Collection (fasc. 1–9, 1885–1912). Romanov published more than 10,000 folk-loric works; in his writings he described the material and spiritual culture and the social and family life of the Byelorussian peasantry. From 1886 to 1894, Romanov conducted archaeological excavations and investigations in Mogilev and Vitebsk provinces. He compiled archaeological maps of these provinces.


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