event management system

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event management system

Software that monitors servers, workstations and network devices for routine and non-routine events. For example, routine events such as logins help determine network usage, while unsuccessful logins are warnings that crackers may be at work or that the network access system is failing. Event managers provide real-time information for immediate use and log events for summary reporting used to analyze network performance.

An event management system is typically made up of client agents that reside in the remote devices, a central component for gathering the events, an event database and a reporting system to deliver the results in various formats. See service level management system and application management system.

Event Screen
SeNTry Enterprise Event Manager monitors NT workstations and servers. Each line in this view is a real-time event from a workstation or server (named in sender column). The red, yellow and green icons are user defined events. Also shown are the total accumulation of events for the last period. (Screen shot courtesy of Mission Critical Software, Inc.)

Reporting Screen
These are examples of the types of statistics available from the SeNTry Enterprise Event Manager for NT workstations and servers. (Screen shot courtesy of Mission Critical Software, Inc.)
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