Evgenii Obolenskii

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Obolenskii, Evgenii Petrovich


Born Apr. 9 (20), 1796, in Novomirgorod, in present-day Kirovograd Oblast, Ukrainian SSR; died Feb. 26 (Mar. 10), 1865, in Kaluga. Prince and Decembrist. Son of the governor of Tula and lieutenant in the Guards of the Finland Regiment.

Obolenskii was a member of the Union of Salvation and the Union of Welfare and one of the founders of the Northern Society of Decembrists, joining its duma (council) in 1823. Obolenskii supported P. I. Pestel’ in his efforts to unite the Southern and Northern societies on a republican basis. For participating in the Dec. 14, 1825, uprising on Senate Square, Obolenskii was sentenced to death, but the sentence was commuted to hard labor for life. After serving part of his sentence in Nerchinsk, he was permitted to settle in Siberia in 1839. During his exile he turned to religious mysticism and renounced his revolutionary ideas. After amnesty was proclaimed in 1856, he settled in Kaluga. He helped draft the 1861 peasant reforms.


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