Evgeniia Knipovich

Knipovich, Evgeniia Fedorovna


Born Sept. 14 (26), 1898, in St. Petersburg. Soviet literary scholar and critic.

Knipovich’s work was first published in 1919. She wrote the books Heinrich Heine (1931), Heine as a Political Lyricist (1932), and A. Fadeev’s “The Rout” and “The Young Guard” (1964). She is also the author of the the collections of articles of literary criticism In Defense of Life (1958), The Power of Truth (1965), and The Artist and History (1968) and numerous articles devoted to Soviet as well as foreign literature (H. Mann, L. Feuchtwanger, A. Zweig, A. Seghers). Knipovich has been awarded two orders and various medals.


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