Evropeus, Aleksandr

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Evropeus, Aleksandr Ivanovich


Born Mar. 14 (26), 1827, in Bezhetsk District, Tver’ Province; died Dec. 11 (23), 1885, in St. Petersburg. Russian public figure, member of the Petrashevskii circle.

In the fall of 1848, Evropeus began attending the circle of N. S. Kashkin. On Apr. 7, 1849, in Evropeus’ apartment, the Petrashevskii circle had a ceremony in memory of C. Fourier. After the Petrashevskii circle was arrested by the government, the death sentence which had been read to Evropeus was replaced with a forced draft into the military without abrogation of his status as a member of the dvorianstvo (nobility or gentry). In 1857 he took up residence on his Tver’ estate. In 1859 he protested the prohibition against discussing the peasant issue and signed an appeal from members of the dvorianstvo to Alexander II. For this he was exiled to Perm’. In 1866 he was arrested in connection with the attempt made by D. V. Karakozov on the life of Alexander II.


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