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A company and, by extension, a tape format for computer data backup and transfer. The tape is a data quality 8mm video cassette recorder tape. Exabyte units can store between five and fourteen gigabytes of data per tape. Exabytes are usually attached to Unix workstations.


2^60 = 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 bytes = 1024 petabytes or roughly 10^18 bytes.

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(1) One quintillion bytes. Also EB, Ebyte and E-byte. For example, Cisco reported 30 EB of global mobile data in 2014 and forecast nearly 10 times that much for 2019. See exa, binary values and space/time.

(2) (Exabyte Corporation, Boulder, CO, www.exabyte.com) Founded in 1985, for many years it was one of the world's leading providers of tape drives and tape storage products. Its high-capacity 8mm tape drives, introduced in 1987, have long been sold through OEM and reseller partners. Exabyte used to offer QIC and DAT drives from acquisitions made in the early 1990s.

2006 Acquisition
In late 2006, Norway-based Tandberg Data, itself a well-known manufacturer of archival and storage products, acquired Exabyte and all rights to its breakthrough VXA packet technology.

The VXA Alliance
Along with Imation, Sony and TDK, Exabyte was a founding member of the VXA Alliance, an industry group that focuses on the VXA packet tape format. VXA is a technology that restores and backs up data by reading and writing discrete packets, rather than by sequential linear tracking. Fourth generation VXA products double data capacity to 640GB (compressed) with a data transfer rate of 48MB per second. For more information, visit www.vxa.com
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It's virtually as easy as using MS Power Point," Exabytes' Business and Development manager, Vickson Tan was quoted as saying.
A web hosting provider that currently serves more than 70,000 clients in over 121 countries and manages over 1,000 servers, The Exabytes Group of Companies has 13 years of solid experience in server management and web hosting.
* Cloud data center traffic grew 85 per cent in 2013, up from 17 Exabytes per year (1.4 Exabytes per month) in 2012.
This amounts to around 355 exabytes per month (up from 57 in 2011).
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Singapore, Singapore, October 25, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The Exabytes Group of Companies, a leading web hosting provider, has initiated a Website Awards programme for Malaysia (Malaysia Website Awards), Singapore (Singapore Website Awards) and Indonesia (Indonesia Website Awards).
Cisco predicts that global cloud traffic, the fastest growing component of data center traffic, will grow 6-fold - a 44 percent combined annual growth rate (CAGR) - from 683 exabytes of annual traffic in 2011 to 4.3 zettabytes by 2016.
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