Examination Period

Examination Period


the period during which examinations are taken at higher or specialized secondary educational institutions operating under the course or subject-course system of instruction. Daytime and evening departments or divisions generally have two examination periods each academic year: in the winter and spring. Correspondence schools have one examination period, encompassing laboratory and other examinations.

The correspondence-school examination period is usually conducted in several stages and at different times, in cooperation with the enterprise, institution, or organization where the student is employed. During the examination period review and orientation lectures are given, laboratory reports are presented, seminars and consultations are held, and tests and examinations are taken.

The number of examinations given during any one period is determined by the curriculum. At higher educational institutions, five or fewer examinations are generally taken, and at specialized secondary institutions, four or fewer.

Students are admitted to examinations if they have passed all the tests scheduled in the curriculum for a given semester and have successfully completed graphic calculations and other practical assignments required by the curriculum. At specialized secondary institutions, students with favorable grades are admitted to examinations. Those who have fulfilled the curriculum and passed the examinations are promoted to the next level.

In the socialist countries, students who are employed full time are granted supplementary paid leaves during the examination periods.

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According to the chief physician, 31 582 residents of the age group aged 0-17 will be examined during the examination period.
University of Manchester bosses said 'there is no reason at this time to expect the main examination period, which runs from 30 April 2018 to 25 May 2018, to be affected.
On the first day of testing, a special task force (STF) of the police arrested school Principal Shiv Prasad Singh - among two others - for their involvement in helping students cheat during an examination period.
The pilot program will be instituted at select regions, with full implementation occurring during the next examination period.
The private tml" target="_blankSt Theresa Girls Senior School, of Gilgil, Nakuru County, is one of those affected after it was deregistered during the examination period.
The CNA-Q always hosts the special event in advance of the official Qatar National Day on December 18, before College students start the busy examination period.
It has become standard practice for the Commission to increase the examination period from the usual two years (give or take) to five years, especially when addressing these, or any other issues relative to client fees.
The officer who resigns or is terminated for any reason during the examination period will not receive any annual leave for the period he or she worked for the department.
The two year curriculum culminates in an extended examination period at the end of year two.
Leaks have plagued the thanaweya amma examinations this year more than ever before, with leaks of almost every subject having surfaced online minutes before or during the examination period.
Ramadan moves earlier each year and this year it falls during the A-Level and GCSE examination period.
My friends continued to give me the pills throughout the examination period but never warned me about its dangers.

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