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An excreted substance; the feces.
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What does it mean when you dream about excrement?

Excrement is waste, but it is also fertilizer and nourishment for new growth. It has a wide range of associations, partly due to its deployment in many linguistic expressions, any one of which may be the meaning of excrement in a dream. As with all dream symbols, the tone and setting of the dream indicate which meaning is appropriate.

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He added that other sports teams, including Dinas Powys Football Club, have been unable to complete training sessions on the site "due to the presence of human excrement and used toilet paper strewn across the site".
Staff at the site on Carlton Bank, which also includes a cafe, restaurant, shop and camping lodges, pods and yurts, have had to constantly clean up following incidents of excrement smeared on the toilet block walls, deliberate blocking of toilets with toilet rolls and sanitary towels, and muddy boots being cleaned in wash basins as well as general damage and vandalism.
As well as tackling the problem of dog fouling, they wanted to educate adults and schoolchildren about the health risks associated with the excrement.
Saturday Market vendors last Saturday notified city officials after the market's clean up crew found nine piles of human excrement on the lawn, Perry said.
Legal action has been taken against Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust after claims that patients were left starving, dehydrated and left to wallow in their own excrement.
Miami, FL, November 03, 2012 --(PR.com)-- An innovative new product designed to help resolve a common physical problem, the Excrement Removal Tool, has been developed by Kimbra Kinnard of York, Pennsylvania.
Insect excrement. Frass has various functions, and not just as a fun expletive.
Nabeel Al-Bouha, a member of the team working with village children, threw a piece of candy near some excrement so that the children could see how flies moved from the waste to the candy and back.
The 41-year-old grows the tea in mountainous Ya'an in Sichuan province using excrement from pandas living at nearby breeding centres.
I live in Road 2442, Juffair, and frequently find dog excrement on the pavement in front of my gate.