Excretory Urography

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Urography, Excretory


(also called descending urography), roentgen examination of the kidneys and urinary tract after injection of an X-ray contrast medium such as methiodal sodium, which is excreted by the kidneys. The method makes it possible to determine the condition of the kidneys and urinary tract and is used to detect nephrolithiasis, renal tuberculosis, and other diseases.

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Postoperative evaluation included clinical history, excretory urography (3 months postoperatively) and ultrasonography.
Iopamidol Injection, USP is indicated for angiography throughout the cardiovascular system, including cerebral and peripheral arteriography and coronary arteriography, as well as contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT) of the head and body, and adult and pediatric intravenous excretory urography.
The hydronephrosis grade was assessed by preoperative imaging, CT, excretory urography and renal ultrasonography.
Three angles on the pretreatment excretory urography were measured; the inner angle between the axis of the lower pole infundibular and ureteropelvic axis (angle 1), lower pole infundibular axis and main axis of pelvis-ureteropelvic junction point (angle 2), and lower pole infundibular axis and perpendicular line (angle 3).