Execution of Judgment

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Execution of Judgment


the procedure provided for by civil procedural legislation, by which the decisions of the judicial, arbitration, and other bodies are executed.

In Soviet law, according to the rules of the final process, the following have to be executed: decisions, rulings, and decrees of courts in civil cases; sentences, rulings, and decrees of courts in criminal cases involving’recovery of property; decrees of a judge or a court and sentences of comrades’ courts involving recovery of property in connection with administrative offenses; peaceful settlement confirmed by the court; certification of a judgment by notarial offices; decisions of arbitration tribunals in cases provided for by law; decisions of the Maritime and Foreign Trade arbitration commissions; demands to pay that have been accepted by the payer but are unpaid on time; decisions of comrades’ courts; decisions of commissions on labor disputes; decrees of local factory committees for labor disputes and for disputes over redress of an injury and the like.

Judicial and arbitration decisions are executed on the basis of documents of execution by the marshal of the court or by a bank.

Measures for compulsory execution include levy of execution upon the property of the debtor (through attachment of property and sale of property); levy of execution upon wages, pensions, scholarships, and other kinds of income and upon money and property of the debtor in the possession of third parties; and taking from the debtor and transfer to the execution creditor of things mentioned in the court decision.

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And the Oyo State government had since filed an appeal against the said judgment and the case is still pending before the appellate court when ALGON filed for execution of judgment.
Director, case officer may be permitted to interrogate accused Nawaz Sharif in Kot Lakhpat Jail premises, presently, confined in execution of judgment passed in Reference No.
SA, Doha A: According to Article 514 of the Civil & Commercial Procedure Code, if the judgment debtor abstains from the execution of judgment issued against him, the judgment creditor may request the imprisonment of the judgment debtor.
"Presently before the court are the following post-trial motions that have been filed by the parties: (1) plaintiff's 'Bill of Costs' and defendant's 'Motion for Disallowance and Objections to Plaintiff's Bill of Costs'; (2) defendant's 'Motion to Compel Resolution of Outstanding Expert Deposition Fee Issues'; (3) plaintiff's 'Motion to Alter or Amend Judgment'; and (4) defendant's 'Motion for Stay of Execution of Judgment and Waiver of Bond Requirement'.
While he was acquitted, the Office of the Ombudsman lodged a motion for execution of judgment saying that Revilla should still return P124.5 million as part of his civil liability.
The senatorial bet also said serving the public in the name of "truth and love for the country" does not mean stealing from the public On Wednesday, the Ombudsman's Office of the SpecialProsecutorfiled a Motion for Execution of Judgment before the Sandiganbayan's Special First Division to ask the anti-graft court to issue a Writ of Execution against Revilla.
This is what the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) said in its motion for execution of judgment on the civil liability of Revilla.
Kuwait Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for correctional institutions and execution of judgment Major General Faraj Al-Zu'bi
The purpose of the Act is to: "[establish] a comprehensive and exclusive federal regime for litigation against all foreign parties extending from the service of process to execution of judgment." Id.
(13) A court may, however, stay an execution of judgment while awaiting the outcome of any of the following: judgment as a matter of law; amending the findings or for additional findings; a new trial or altering or amending a judgment; or relief from a judgment or order.
A homestead does not protect against attachment, seizure or execution of judgment for matters related to mortgages, taxes or child support orders.
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