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one who carries out the will or plan of another person or of a group. In governmentgovernment,
system of social control under which the right to make laws, and the right to enforce them, is vested in a particular group in society. There are many classifications of government.
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, the term refers not only to the chief administrative officer but to all others who execute the laws and to them as a group. In modern government, the executive also formulates and carries out governmental policies, directs relations with foreign governments, commands the armed forces, approves or disapproves legislative acts, recommends legislation, and in some countries summons and opens the legislature, appoints and dismisses some executive officials, and pardons any but those impeached. Usually the executive may also issue ordinances, often supplementing legislative acts, and may interpret statutes for the guidance of officials. These broad powers depend upon the theory that the state has a juristic personality whose will the government, in its various departments, must perform. The separation of the legislative, executive, and judicial powers of government was not only modified in the U.S. ConstitutionConstitution of the United States,
document embodying the fundamental principles upon which the American republic is conducted. Drawn up at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, the Constitution was signed on Sept.
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 but has been further modified in practice, for the President performs many judicial and legislative functions. State and municipal executives have likewise assumed larger powers. Distinction is sometimes made between executives who decide policies and the administration that carries out the laws and executive orders. In business, executives are those who manage, decide policies, and control the business.


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a. the branch of government responsible for carrying out laws, decrees, etc.; administration
b. any administration


(operating system)
The command interpreter or shell for an operating system. The term is used especially around mainframes and probably derived from UNIVAC's archaic EXEC 2 and current (in 2000) EXEC 8 operating systems.


(1) See operating system and kernel.

(2) A high-ranking officer in a company. See CEO, CTO and CIO.
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From the perspective of politics, in view of the same author, (8) the state is the institution with the highest degree of organization and structure in society, the state's specific power being exercised legislatively, executively and judicially.
Though the text of section 5(b)(2) refers only to legislatively formed committees, courts consider the provision applicable to executively formed committees as well.
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