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in international law:

(1) An authorization for a consular officer to perform his functions in his consular district in the state to which he is accredited. The exequatur is issued by the competent bodies of the country of destination when the officer presents his consular commission; it is issued in the form of a special document or sometimes a special notation made on the commission. In accordance with Soviet legislation, exequaturs are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR.

(2) An authorization for the compulsory execution in a given country of a judgment pronounced by a court in another country. The exequatur takes the form of a legal order by which a court acknowledges the legal force of a foreign court’s decision and extends the effect of the ruling to the territory of its own state. This type of exequatur is usually implemented by appellate courts.

Soviet legislation permits the recognition and execution of foreign court and arbitration judgments that are legally valid, do not conflict with Soviet sovereignty, and do not threaten the security of the USSR. It is required, however, that the USSR have concluded an appropriate agreement with the corresponding government or that the given legal area be governed by an international convention. The judgments must be presented to the Soviet court within three years from the time they are pronounced.

Exequaturs are not used in international legal relations between socialist countries. When necessary, decisions of foreign courts are carried out on the basis of agreements of legal assistance.

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Si bien el pase fue confirmado, aun estaba pendiente el exequatur para el breve pontificio que lo instituia como vicario apostolico de Santiago, que tambien fue aceptado por ese Congreso y recibio el pase del Ejecutivo (44).
O Brasil nao esta alheio a necessidade de cooperacao, tendo firmado importantes acordos internacionais na materia, que possibilitam um tratamento mais celere e menos oneroso dos principais instrumentos de cooperacao interjurisdicionais, quais sejam, a concessao de exequatur as cartas rogatorias e o reconhecimento de decisoes estrangeiras.
78) This is separate from the assessment of the international legality of the decisions of the Italian courts granting the Greek judgments against Germany exequatur on Italian territory.
The exequatur procedure is an intermediate phase at the conclusion of which a national court declares enforceable a judgement handed down elsewhere in the EU.
Sri Lanka High Commissioner in Pretoria Shehan Ratnavale presented the commission letter and exequatur on behalf of the Ministry to Mr Mehta on 8th November 2012.
An exequatur is governed under Article 34 of the code concerning international private and procedural law.
El exequatur de Ayme, concedido en abril de 1880, le autorizaba a "dedicarse a negocios mercantiles si asi lo cree conveniente", lo que, ademas de confirmar la modestia salarial del cargo, permitia extender las funciones del consul a las actividades arqueologicas.
traves de tramite del exequatur regulado en el Codigo de Procedimiento
145) The case was a simple request of exequatur of a Taiwan-ese bankruptcy order, which the CFA ruled to be recognized as not being "inimical to the sovereign's interests or otherwise contrary to public policy.
Dicho fallo, que transita un camino de excepcion respecto a la tendencia jurisprudencial argentina que no admite la adopcion internacional, resolvio con un criterio ejemplar atemperar los requisitos de exequatur en relacion con las legalizaciones de la sentencia cuyo reconocimiento se pretende, pues de lo contrario habria implicado el cumplimiento de una formalidad legal ajena a las normas que rigen en nuestro pais y a la realidad de los hechos acaecidos en Haiti (50).
45, foi determinada a transferencia da competencia para o julgamento da acao de homologacao de sentencas estrangeiras e para a concessao do exequatur as cartas rogatorias passivas, do Supremo Tribunal Federal para o Superior Tribunal de Justica.