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The portion of the total energy of a system that is available for conversion to useful work; in particular, the quantity of work that can be performed by a fluid relative to a reference condition, usually the surrounding ambient condition.
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a term used in thermodynamics to designate the maximum work a system can perform on moving from a given state to equilibrium with its surroundings. The work done by a system in a particular thermodynamic process is maximal only if the process is an equilibrium process.

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Following are list of players that are currently profiled in the the report "Siemens, GE, ABB, Amec Foster Wheeler, Ormat, MHI, Exergy, ElectraTherm, Durr Cyplan, GETEC, CNBM, DaLian East & E-Rational"
Determining the source of irreversibilities in the system with the aid of energy and exergy analysis and decreasing the losses of the system would result in more efficient systems.
Additionally, to evaluate the TSI based on the second law of thermodynamics, an all-inclusive exergy balance of the ORCs is carried out.
The main goal of this analysis was to obtain the optimal operating area of the TG steam turbine in which will be achieved maximum exergy efficiencies and minimum exergy destructions, for every turbine operating point.
Li analyses the performance of semiconductor materials under small temperature difference from a perspective of exergy, put forward to getting exergy efficiency as evaluation parameters, and found that with the decrease of the temperature difference, the efficiency of semiconductor thermoelectric generator decreases obviously, but basically exergy efficiency stays stable [76].
Also, Mahmud and Fraser [17] have done second law analysis to conserve exergy of a thermo-fluid setup.
Simultaneous application of nanofluid as a coolant and an organic paraffin wax as a phase change material (PCM) on the exergy and energy efficiencies of the PV/T system is investigated experimentally by Hosseinzadeh et al.
Therefore, roundtrip efficiency based on exergy analysis which is based on the second law of thermodynamics would be beneficial in better understanding the characteristics of the different types of OCAES systems.
When the proponent of the new technology cannot explain in plain English how it works, or resorts to throwing in "pseudoscience," particularly if the justification relies on some vague reference to "entropy" or "exergy" (two favorite concepts misused by sellers) without any meaningful calculation in support, alarm bells should definitely ring.
As increased demands are placed on cold storage requirements, retailers will need to find new ways to control costs, notes Amrit Robbins, CEO of Axiom Exergy, based in Richmond, Calif.