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Figure 6 shows the exchangers in the same sample set as in the earlier examples for a design cooling day with 95[degrees]F/78[degrees]F (35[degrees]C/26[degrees]C) outdoor air dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperature and an exhaust air condition of 75[degrees]F (24[degrees]C) dry-bulb temperature with a relative humidity of 55%.
So that the installed RTO can continue to be used, it is being supplemented by a (small) adsorption wheel ADW in which the exhaust air streams from the flow-coating and flash-off zones can be combined and concentrated at a ratio of approx.
This heat exchanger is used to recover energy from the hot, moist exhaust air and transfer it to the fresh air intake where it heats the incoming fresh air.
Many facilities such as research labs require 100% makeup air, because exhaust air (and any pollutants it contains) cannot be returned into the building.
First, the honeycombshaped rotors of the concentrators draw processed exhaust air into the units.
Building codes require the installation of exhaust air duets (shafts or risers), veins (registers), and rooftop fans in kitchens, bathrooms or hallways if the room does not have an operable window.
Without a heat recovery system, the hot exhaust air is released unused into the atmosphere.
For the configuration discussed in this article, a total energy wheel is arranged to pre condition the entering outdoor air (OA) by exchanging sensible heat and water vapor (latent heat) with the exhaust air (EA) stream (Figure 1).
The combination of a compressor with filtration, catalysts and membrane separation technologies produces nitrogen, zero air and pump exhaust air.
The process air passes into the centre of the filter bag and through the filter walls leaving dust contaminants on the inside and venting clean exhaust air to atmosphere.
Exhaust air from the offices conditions the climate of the skygardens, which themselves can obtain natural cross-ventilation through the louvred glass walls at their outer (east and west) ends.
Operator comfort was improved by redirecting exhaust air from air-cooled machines.