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The uncovering or exposure through erosion of a former surface, landscape, or feature that had been buried by subsequent deposition.
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the removal of a corpse from a burial site. According to Soviet law, a body may be exhumed at the request of an investigator, who must state the purpose of doing so: an investigatory view (or a second investigatory view) of the body, identification of the deceased by an acquaintance or an expert, or presentation of the body for primary, additional, or follow-up forensic expertise (medical, biological, or toxicological). The most frequent reason for exhumation is to examine a body that should have been subjected to forensic medical expertise owing to the circumstances of death but that was buried without an autopsy.

Witnesses, a forensic medical expert, and, if necessary, another specialist, such as a health inspector, are present at an exhumation. The investigator prepares a protocol of the exhumation, which includes photographs of the grave, gravestone, coffin, and corpse.

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The lack of extensional structures and low metamorphic grade in some orogen segments suggests modest degrees of tectonic overthickening or rapid erosional exhumation. Several distinct orogenies can be recognized within the Superior Province between 2.72 and 2.68 Ga, each represented by suturing of continental and oceanic domains that involved crustal thickening followed by low-P metamorphism and transpressional deformation.
And at an exhumation in nearby Aqua Fria, forensic specialists say they were filmed by military intelligence agents claiming to be journalists.
The judge observed that the order by the magistrate whereby request for exhumation of the body was turned down on the concession of legal heirs amounted to diverting the process of law by allowing the heirs compounding the offence by way of its application to waive their rights of Qisas (eye for an eye).
The Chicago Sun-Times and WLS-TV in Chicago first reported on the affidavits supporting the exhumation permit.
'It is pertinent to note that the exhumation of a deceased's body is a serious matter from the legal point of view as well as Islamic rights,' he said in a statement.
During the exhumation which was carried out in presence of senior civil judge Muddasar Shah along with police officers, samples were taken out from the body of the deceased for laboratory test to know actual cause of death.
LAHORE -- The Supreme Court on Saturday ordered exhumation of the grave of seven year old girl, who was allegedly raped and killed a few days ago in Jaranwala, for another autopsy.
ABBOTTABAD: A judicial magistrate on Wednesday allowed the application of a fact-finding committee seeking exhumation of the body of 12-year old housemaid Misbah, who died at the residence of provincial Higher Education Minister Mushtaq Ghani's brother Shoaib Ghani.According to sources, a fact-finding committee constituted by DIG Hazara to determine the cause of death of the minor employed byHigher Education Minister Mushtaq Ghani's brother Shoaib Ghani recommended the request for grave exhumation and post-mortemto ascertain the exact cause of the young housemaid's death.
Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs Photis Photiou, who was briefed on the technical side of the excavation by Xenofon Kallis, the Foreign ministry's point-man on humanitarian affairs, told reporters that this will be another difficult exhumation.
The Supreme Court's deliberation on the motion that sought the exhumation of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) and a petition to cite the late dictator's heirs and the military in contempt will continue next week.
The cemetery was closed yesterday to allow the exhumation to be carried out in a "dignified and professional manner" involving police and forensic experts.
A MOTHER'S hopes of discovering her daughter's body 25 years after she was murdered were shattered yesterday after the exhumation failed to find her.