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brevedad, sustantivo latino abstracto derivado de exiguus.
The "mistake" was made by a sixth century monk known as Dionysius Exiguus or in English Dennis the Small, the 85-year-old pontiff claims in the book 'Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives', published on Wednesday, the Telegraph reported.
The agglutinated species Ammobaculites exiguus, Arenoparrella mexicana, Gaudryina exillis, Textularia earlandi, and the thecamoebian tests, found in the coastal stations are carried by coastal currents, and although these species are characteristic species of mixohaline environments, being therefore, characteristics from both Plata River, Patos Lagoon, and Laguna system the denomination of the species was made on the basis of the highest freshwater influence that the Plata River exerts on the region.
Epygrammata quoque magnifica et tituli altisoni sed inanes, quos qui legis obstupeas; sed subsiste, obsecro, dum limen extreme domus panditur, nova subeunt spectacula, novus stupor: heu quam vel cinis exiguus vel ingens copia seu verminum seu serpentium
His patriotism will take the various and complex forms of his admiration: for the national mythology and folklore, for Eminescu, (72) Vasile Voiculescu (73), Dionysius Exiguus (74), Mircea Eliade, etc.
Among the topics are the argumenta of Dionysius Exiguus and their early recensions, the recension of the two Sirmond texts Disputation Morini and De deuisionibus temporum, marital discord in Northumbria leading to his and her Lent and Easter, Bede's primary source for the Vulgate chronology in his chronicles in De temporibus and De temporum ratione, problems in the transmission of De temporibus, computus in Hiberno-Latin literature, and the continuity of the Irish computistical tradition.
Studien und Texte zur Dekretalensammlung des Dionysius Exiguus, Bonn 1939.
The dating of the Christian Era was established in the West through the work of Dionysius Exiguus in the sixth century and the popularisation of his Alexandrian Easter calculations in the eighth and ninth centuries.
Ceolfrith reiterates the nineteen-year cycle insisted on by Wilfrid, and traces it from Eusebius through Theophilus of Alexandria, Cyril, and Dionysius Exiguus, who provided the Roman church with its first official computus.
Taxonomy of the Atelopus ignescens complex (Anura: Bufonidae): Designation of a neotype of Atelopus ignescens and recognition of Atelopus exiguus.
Other species of wild yeast, such as Saccharomyces exiguus, Candida tropicalis, and Hansenula anomala have also been identified.
Ego enim peccator exiguus, valde in hac etiam voluntate laboravi, cupiens ultra procedere, ut finem terrae ac poli cernere quivissem, sed nocte quadam astitit mihi in visu Domini angelus, dixitque ad me: Ne ultra procedas, neque Dominum tentare praesumas.