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Due to an external cause; not arising within the organism.
Growing by addition to the outer surfaces.
Pertaining to those factors in the metabolism of nitrogenous substances obtained from food.
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in botany, a term referring to the development of lateral organs in the peripheral cell layers of the main axis of a particular plant organ. Examples of exogenous organs are the leaves that develop in the form of external nodes on the growing point of shoots, root hairs (which are lateral growths of root integuments), and some epidermal growths (trichotomes) of a plant’s aboveground organs.

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if there is an exogeneous shock to [x.sup.*] or to its rate of growth, how does that affect the time path of e?
It would, for example, be interesting for future studies to look into the depth of encoding as well as to include a link with attention processing in a single study, for example, by administrating a free recall task after an exogeneous cueing paradigm, which in its turn distinguishes between guiding attention toward or away from certain cues (Posner 1980).
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