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Due to an external cause; not arising within the organism.
Growing by addition to the outer surfaces.
Pertaining to those factors in the metabolism of nitrogenous substances obtained from food.



in botany, a term referring to the development of lateral organs in the peripheral cell layers of the main axis of a particular plant organ. Examples of exogenous organs are the leaves that develop in the form of external nodes on the growing point of shoots, root hairs (which are lateral growths of root integuments), and some epidermal growths (trichotomes) of a plant’s aboveground organs.

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The paper under discussion is concerned with micro analysis of the change in the distribution of operated area during the period 1970 to 1984, as a result of the exogenous factors as manifested in the large-scale adoption of high-yielding seeds and public policy, in the two villages of the Punjab.
Its limitation lies in its neglect of exogenous factors like state policy.
We were interested to know how autocorrelation in an exogenous factor may affect the detection of delayed density dependence and give the appearance of delayed density dependence in a first-order model.
echinata at three locations in the Northern Territory, Australia, and to investigate the influence of selected exogenous factors on seasonal gonad development.
Consequently, something that ought to have been endogenous has been overtaken by exogenous factors. Every new martial law administrator, a chief executive and a prime minister began with the right intents only to be bogged down by the system and economic hitmen.
However, the analysis of Belgian firms' financial structure with respect to the introduction of ACE over a relatively short period can be biased by exogenous factors such as capital rationing, which followed the 2008 financial crisis.
In Solow's work, it is predicted that growth is caused by an increase in total factor productivity, which can be defined as the proportion of growth caused after accounting for exogenous factors such as an increased savings rate, decreased population growth and increased capital accumulation.
Yannis Stournaras, head of the Greek central bank, said, 'The recent stock market developments in respect to the banking sector are not related to the soundness of Greek banks and are due to purely exogenous factors. The ongoing improvement of the liquidity situation of Greek banks reflects the improved condition of the Greek financial system.'
Neurosurgeons and other medical specialists from the US, Europe, Chile, India, and Egypt provide 20 chapters on the evolution of the surgery; meningioma pathology; exogenous factors affecting meningiomas; instrumentation; intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring during surgery; stereotactic radiosurgery; various types of meningiomas and their surgical indications, surgical techniques, complications, operative approaches, and other aspects; reconstruction of the skull base; management of recurrent skull base meningiomas; natural history and adjunctive modalities of treatment; and complications in the management of meningiomas.
"We believe the local drivers of price inflation will stabilize in 4Q18, after which we may witness further monetary policy easing if exogenous factors, including international oil prices, exchange rate, and emerging market yields are favorable," the chief economist added.
Exogenous factors such as the announcement of the 10-year visas will also have an impact, as and when details of the same are released," added Alladin.
News Special Political situation seems getting ever more muddled-up with both endogenous and exogenous factors making inroads.