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Abnormal protrusion of the eyeball from the orbit.
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protrusion of the eyeball. Exophthalmos is most commonly caused by diffuse toxic goiter. It may also be caused by a tumor in the eyeball or adjacent regions, trauma of the eyeball, thrombosis of the orbital veins, and inflammatory diseases. If pronounced, exophthalmos may be accompanied by limited mobility of the eyeball and impairment of vision. Therapy is based on the cause of the condition.

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Skull radiographs revealed exophthalmos of the right globe and increased soft tissue surrounding the right orbit (Fig 2).
Hand Schuller Christian disease is a rare entity comprising of exophthalmos, diabetes insipidus and geographical map skull.
He was referred to skin OPD for seborrheic dermatitis like picture over the scalp (fig.1) and multiple hypopigmented macules over the abdomen (fig.2) Patient also had exophthalmos (fig.3) and also history of long term continous ear discharge and on and off fever.
[5] In the present case cysticercosis in the retroorbital muscles has caused exophthalmos.
There is extension of the mass into the right retrobulbar space with secondary moderate right exophthalmos.
Others may present with advanced disease as a first presentation (inflamed eyes, diplopia, marked discomfort, loss of vision), they may have signs of exophthalmos, corneal staining visual field loss and reduced eye movements.
Exophthalmos, cerebellar ataxia, and panhypopituitarism may also occur.
can generate pathological disorders in fish, such as internal lesions or a swim bladder swollen with dense material and exophthalmos (Gatesoupe, 2007).
On clinical examination, the calf was found to have high rectal temperature (105.2[degrees]F) and anemic buccal mucous membranes, while both eyes were bulging (exophthalmos) (Fig.1).
Hall mark features may be present according to etiology such as exophthalmos in Graves' disease, which is autoimmune and the most common cause of thyrotoxicosis.
In the literature, the most frequently reported manifestations are headache (89%), decreased visual acuity (57%), oculomotor palsies (56%) and exophthalmos (25%).
The member of girl band EXID will have an orbital decompression to treat exophthalmos a a bulging eyeball a at a Seoul hospital on Jan.