Exopolitics and Obama's Trips to Mars

The following article is from Conspiracies and Secret Societies. It is a summary of a conspiracy theory, not a statement of fact.

Exopolitics and Obama’s Trips to Mars

“Exopolitics may turn the dominant view of our universe upside down. It reveals that we live on an isolated planet in the midst of a populated, evolving, and highly organized interplanetary, intergalactic, and multidimensional universal society. It explores why Earth seems to have been quarantined for eons from a more evolved universal society. Exopolitics suggests specific steps to end our isolation by reaching out to the technologically and spiritually advanced civilizations that are engaging our world at this unique, challenging time in human history.”—Alfred Lambremont Webre, J.D., M.Ed.

Exopolitics is the creation of Alfred Lambremont Webre’s groundbreaking work as a futurist at the Stanford Research Institute, where in 1977 he directed a proposed extraterrestrial communication study project for the Carter White House.

In 2011 Webre revealed that he had learned from two former participants of a secret space project that the CIA had developed a visitation program to the planet Mars in the early 1980s. As if it were not astounding enough to learn that humans have already traveled to the red planet, the two whistleblowers told Webre that young Barry Soetoro, whom we know today as Barack Obama, teleported to Mars on at least two flights.

Andrew D. Basiago, currently a lawyer in Washington state, who served in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) time travel program, Project Pegasus, in the 1970s, and fellow “chronometer” William B. Stillings have confirmed that young Barry was enrolled in their Mars training class in 1980 and that they each saw him during visits to the early U.S. facilities on Mars from 1981 to 1983. Barry’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was on assignment for the CIA in Kenya and Indonesia while her son was tutored for travel to Mars.

Ten teenagers were enrolled in the Mars training program, which was held at the College of Siskiyous, a small college near Mt. Shasta in California. One of the select ten was Regina Dugan, who in later years Obama would appoint as the nineteenth director, and first female director, of DARPA in 2009. When the students attained a certain degree of proficiency, they teleported to Mars via a “jump room” located in a building owned by Hughes Aircraft adjacent to the Los Angeles International Airport.

Basiago has stated that the U.S. facilities on Mars in the early 1980s were rudimentary, appearing much like the construction phase of a rural mining project. The infrastructure supporting the jump rooms on Mars were also in the beginning stages of constructing buildings that could serve as a permanent base. Among the personnel on the early base whom Basiago encountered was Courtney M. Hunt of the CIA. Basiago learned that the Mars program was created in order for the United States to be able to establish a claim of territorial sovereignty over the planet. In addition, the planetary pioneers were to familiarize the Martian humanoids and lower life forms with the appearance of humans.

For those who doubt Basiago’s and Stilling’s stories, Alfred Lambremont Webre lists others whom the two say were seen on Mars while they were on the planet: Michael Relfe, a U.S. serviceman who spent twenty years on Mars as a member of the permanent security staff; and Arthur Neumann, a former Department of Defense scientist who has testified publicly that he teleported to the facility on Mars.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, has stated that in 2006 she was approached by a government agent who informed her of the bases on Mars and attempted to recruit her to travel there. In 2007 she gave her final refusal to become a member of the secret U.S. colony on Mars that allegedly has a population of 500,000.

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