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ADB will support flagship government projects such as solar parks and solar rooftops, energy efficiency using LED lighting, smart cities, metro lines, railway modernization, irrigation system expansion, economic corridors, and major ports.
Synopsis: America in the mid-1800s was a land of burgeoning cities, westward expansion, economic optimism, and political turmoil.
An analysis of income indicators reveals that, even during the years of economic expansion, economic growth did not benefit all households equally, nor did it contribute to reduce inequalities in all Member States.
The volume covers early Chinese immigration to America, the role of Chinese in the Gold Rush and railroad expansion, economic precursors to xenophobia, Dennis Kearney and the Anti-Chinese Movement and the drafting and implementation of the act itself.
Orville Vernon Burton begins with an overview of territorial expansion, economic change, and the emergence of sectional politics during the first four decades of the nineteenth century.
Since military expansion is a partner in corporate capitalist expansion, economic, political, and social development based on self-sufficiency, self-determination, and ecological restoration of local resources must be encouraged.
After 10 consecutive months of expansion, economic activity in the manufacturing sector hit the ceiling last December.
After 10 consecutive months of expansion, economic activity in the manufacturing sector hit the ceiling in December, according to the latest Manufacturing ISM Report on Business ( ).
"After relatively patchy growth and insubstantial revenues in the 1990s, European expansion, economic growth and power sector reform has really driven this market forward, providing good opportunities in most states in the region".
Without rail expansion, economic growth will suffer.
Divided into eight chapters, Brands's sweeping and rather old-fashioned synthesis of the 1890s zeroes in on national and overseas expansion, economic and racial conflict, and politics.
Despite worries at a more severe economic slow down and fears of the impending end of the economic expansion, economic and lodging industry growth continue, albeit at a more measured pace, according to Chase Burritt, national director of the Ernst & Young Hospitality Services Group.