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(1) A specialist (in, for example, an area of science, technology, or art) who is invited to help study problems whose solution requires specialized knowledge (see).

(2) In law, a person who has specialized knowledge and is asked to conduct an examination (see). The request may come from agencies of investigation, the court, other governmental agencies (such as an arbitration tribunal), or nongovernmental agencies (such as an arbitration board). In the USSR the work of an expert is regulated by procedural legislation and statutes that pertain to the institutions conducting examinations. Questions that are decided by an expert should not involve the juridical aspects of a criminal or civil case. Conclusions are presented by the expert in written form. The expert may be held criminally responsible for knowingly giving a false conclusion or for refusing without reason to present his conclusion.

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Having located a putative expert, claims professionals now must start the vetting process.
The procedure is expected to be over by the end of January as experts will be engaged in the firms in early February.
Lawyers too often fail to prepare their experts adequately, because they fall into one of two common traps: (1) "My expert has testified many times before; he or she does not need my help," or (2) "My expert knows more about the subject than I do, so I don't need to prepare."
Several factors must be taken into consideration before selecting the right expert, particularly if the prospects for deposition or trial testimony are significant.
This allows the forensic accountant to assist in solving complicated financial crimes, or preparing professional expert reports which can be understood by lawyers and courts.
Authority to source expert opinion, he said, must first be granted as the fees were often exorbitant and therefore engagement of experts was only allowed in cases with good prospects of success.
An expert is anyone with knowledge or experience of a particular discipline beyond that to be expected of a layman.
Expert determination is any dispute resolution mechanism whereby the parties rely on a technical expert, rather than a legal expert, to decide their dispute.
An expert witness is one who is believed to have specialized
It is the appointment of the expert by the parties themselves which leads to the confusion as to the role of the expert and his duties.
Doar's acquisition of ESG provides the company with a team of industry veterans who understand the value that expert witnesses bring to the litigation process and who know how to identify and qualify experts for various types of cases.
In a general sense, we have observed that the differences between rules and practices for expert witnesses in the United States, England, and China have evolved based in large part upon who controls discovery, and who plays the role of factfinder.

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