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(1) A specialist (in, for example, an area of science, technology, or art) who is invited to help study problems whose solution requires specialized knowledge (see).

(2) In law, a person who has specialized knowledge and is asked to conduct an examination (see). The request may come from agencies of investigation, the court, other governmental agencies (such as an arbitration tribunal), or nongovernmental agencies (such as an arbitration board). In the USSR the work of an expert is regulated by procedural legislation and statutes that pertain to the institutions conducting examinations. Questions that are decided by an expert should not involve the juridical aspects of a criminal or civil case. Conclusions are presented by the expert in written form. The expert may be held criminally responsible for knowingly giving a false conclusion or for refusing without reason to present his conclusion.

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Lawyers too often fail to prepare their experts adequately, because they fall into one of two common traps: (1) "My expert has testified many times before; he or she does not need my help," or (2) "My expert knows more about the subject than I do, so I don't need to prepare."
16 of 2017 on regulating works of expertise (the "Experts Law").
Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Mr Shaw Kgathi said Legal Aid Botswana had in the past engaged experts, particularly in medico-legal matters and will continue to consider expert opinion on a case by case approach.
The fees experts charge are, in large part, market driven.
The recent history of litigation over expert determination clauses demonstrates that the use of technical experts to resolve disputes can appear deceptively simple to the litigator, the transactional attorney, and the courts.
party appointed experts and Tribunal appointed experts
In construction disputes the experts are commonly experts in their field for quantum, forensic delay analysis or in specific technical disciplines eg.
Cynthia Scheltema, one of ESG's founders, will continue to oversee ESG's operations and will join Doar as its affiliate manager, responsible for managing the company's affiliation with industry and subject-matter experts who work in conjunction with Doar's litigation strategy consulting teams.
This article seeks to compare the rules governing the use and disclosure of experts under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure with their recently amended counterparts in England and China.
The matters that experts consult on are extrajudicial and judges are not supposed to be knowledgeable on them.
The Federal Rules also differentiate between testifying experts and consulting experts.

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