exploratory data analysis

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Exploratory Data Analysis


[J.W.Tukey, "Exploratory Data Analysis", 1977, Addisson Wesley].
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exploratory data analysis

a form of statistical analysis which begins by exploring data rather than testing clearly formulated prior hypotheses. Exploratory data analysis does as it says: it explores the pattern of the data set under analysis, considering its range, level, outliers, batching it before graphing and transforming it. The MINITAB computer package, for example, contains these techniques in its sub-pro grammes. In either qualitative or quantitative forms, the purpose of exploratory data analysis is to follow parallel procedures in the interrogation of statistics, i.e. generating hypotheses through exploring the data before turning to confirmatory statistics to test those hypotheses.
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In fact, Es and Schafer prefer to acknowledge the development as a "computational turn," and their motivation for writing the book originated in 2013 at the Utrecht Data School, where students and researchers do explorative data analysis in cooperation with municipalities, creative industries, and academic partners (Datafied Society, 2017).
Explorative data analysis of heavy metal contaminated soil using multidimensional spatial regression.
Open-source toolboxes followed: Weka (4), Knime (5), Yale (which is now a much redesigned RapidMiner (6)), and Orange (7), each built on their own favorite programming language, assembling a different set of core components and offering their own interface for explorative data analysis.

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