Exploratory Drilling

Exploratory Drilling


a method of prospecting and exploring for mineral deposits by means of boreholes. Exploratory drilling is also used in geological-engineering and hydro-geological surveying.

Shallow drilling without flushing is used to explore deposits lying close to the surface and in geological-engineering surveys in soft and loose rocks. Shallow drilling includes auger drilling, percussion drilling, and vibration drilling with vibrating borers and vibrating coring tools. Several methods of combined drilling are used in complex geological sections. Most deep-lying deposits of hard minerals (coal, ferrous and nonferrous metals) are surveyed by core drilling.

Placer deposits and isometric stockwork-structured ore bodies are often explored by cable-tool drilling. Heavy-duty turbine or rotary drilling rigs are employed in prospecting and surveying gas and oil deposits.

Hydrogeological drilling to explore for and survey subterranean waters is done with the aid of cable-tool and self-propelled rotary rigs.

Geological sections are studied by means of geological documentation and sampling of cores and cuttings and by electric, magnetic, and radiometric logging methods. Inclinometric, core-analysis, caliper-logging, and thermometric measurements are taken in the borehole to evaluate its condition.

Exploratory boreholes may be several kilometers deep.


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This would have come as good news to the Cyprus government after the events of last month when Turkish warships prevented any exploratory drilling from taking place in ENI's block 3 by stopping the drillship, Saipem 12000, from going there.
The Trust was established on the basis of the "Bayil Limani" Offshore Exploratory Drilling Department which is part of the "Azneft" Production Union, the "Neft Dashlari" Offshore Exploratory Drilling Department, the Absheron Drilling Department, the Gobustan Exploratory Drilling Department, the "Gum Adasi" Offshore Drilling Department, the Plugging and Abandonment Department and the Specialized Machinery Department.
Italy 's ENI, partnered with French Total and Qatargas in two separate consortia in Cyprus offshore, is expected to secure environmental permits this week and proceed with exploratory drilling in blocks 3, 6 and 8, with initial results expected to be released towards the end of January, coincidentally election week.
An exploratory drilling program is now underway in the Irwin area, near Dongara, as part of the Liberal National Government's $40 million Water for Food program.
Shell, the Anglo-Dutch multinational oil and gas company, has been given a permit to conduct exploratory drilling activities into oil-bearing zones offshore Alaska at one of its two wells at the Burger Prospect, said Brian Salerno, director of Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) with the Department of the Interior.
NNA - Cyprus on Monday accused Turkey of taking "provocative and illegal" action by sending a survey boat to an area where the Cypriot government has licensed exploratory drilling for oil and gas.
Some 14,962 meters out of the total volume of drilling performed by SOCAR in May, 2014 accounted for production drilling, while the remaining 673 meters - for exploratory drilling.
MORE than 1,000 protesters yesterday staged a noisy march to the exploratory drilling site at the centre of anti-fracking protests in the heart of the West Sussex countryside.
One would think that after the Deepwater Horizon spill and all of the ensuing litigation, courts might be a little wary of authorizing exploratory drilling missions in the Gulf of Mexico.
Summary: Reuters reports that Algerian state energy firm Sonatrach is to resume exploratory drilling in Libya by the end of June, having suspending work because of last year's uprising.
Summary: Israel Wednesday warned oil and gas companies to speed up exploratory drilling in the Mediterranean Sea so they meet their agreed timetables or risk forfeiting their licenses.
The Republic has weighed all the facts and decided to proceed with exploratory drilling.

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