exploratory data analysis

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Exploratory Data Analysis


[J.W.Tukey, "Exploratory Data Analysis", 1977, Addisson Wesley].

exploratory data analysis

a form of statistical analysis which begins by exploring data rather than testing clearly formulated prior hypotheses. Exploratory data analysis does as it says: it explores the pattern of the data set under analysis, considering its range, level, outliers, batching it before graphing and transforming it. The MINITAB computer package, for example, contains these techniques in its sub-pro grammes. In either qualitative or quantitative forms, the purpose of exploratory data analysis is to follow parallel procedures in the interrogation of statistics, i.e. generating hypotheses through exploring the data before turning to confirmatory statistics to test those hypotheses.
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Additionally, an exploratory analysis of the 74 patients who received pacritinib 200mg twice daily showed an improvement of 35% or more reduction of SVR in 16 patients (22%; P=0.
Their paper, "To Survive and Thrive under Hypercompetition: An Exploratory Analysis of the Influence of Strategic Purity on Truckload Motor-Carrier Financial Performance," was published in the Winter 2017 issue (vol.
TO allay the fears of the public, Sanofi Pasteur recently released a new supplementary exploratory analysis of the long-term follow-up of its dengue vaccine.
There will be exploratory analysis of the progression free survival once all the treated patients have completed the follow-up period.
The purpose of this paper is to provide an exploratory analysis of young people's perceptions and attitudes towards their potential progression to higher education.
0 mg/kg nemolizumab every 8 weeks in an exploratory analysis.
In exploratory analysis, gastroschisis also was significantly associated with opioid analgesic exposure in early pregnancy (OR, 1.
The next step is to perform a 6-month interim blinded exploratory analysis and obtain preliminary efficacy data early in the second half of 2016, with final results in the first half of 2017.
This exploratory analysis is linked to a broader critique of progressive thought, particularly in the American tradition, that has emphasized an 'external' critique of capitalism and led to the advocacy of reformist policies implicitly based on benevolent paternalism.
In the study "Access to Higher Public Education and Locational Choices of Undocumented Migrants: An Exploratory Analysis," Cebula and Nair-Reichert note that many states have experienced a large influx of undocumented migrants in recent years.
In an exploratory analysis examining the harder endpoints of cardiovascular death, nonfatal MI, or cerebrovascular accident, the relative risk reduction for total events was 12% with combination therapy.

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