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German shepherd

German shepherd, breed of large, muscular working dog perfected in Germany at the turn of the 20th cent. It stands about 25 in. (64 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 60 to 85 lb (27.2–38.5 kg). Its double coat is composed of dense, woolly underhair and a medium-length, harsh, straight or slightly wavy outercoat. Although it may be any color except white, it is usually black and tan, black, or gray. Developed over centuries from sheepherding and farm-dog stock, the German shepherd has been trained in a variety of specialities other than herding, e.g., as a police dog, as a carrier of messages and a patrol dog in war, and as a leader of the blind. It is also very popular as a pet. See dog.
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police dog

a dog, often an Alsatian, trained to help the police, as in tracking
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Explosive-sniffing dogs seek all types of explosive powders and materials, including detonation cord.
Most police departments, however, do not have explosive-sniffing dogs or ready access to them.
Gatchalian also said that Valenzuela City is now among the first few cities in the country equipped with the "call of the time," as they already have five anti-drug sniffing dogs and three explosive-sniffing dogs.
Trained explosive-sniffing dogs were called in to carry out a detailed search of the building while nearby residents were advised to stay indoors.

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