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The third-generation expansion interface from the USB Implementers Forum ( Introduced in 2003 by the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA), the ExpressCard is a plug-in module that superseded the PC Card standard for adding functionality to laptops. ExpressCard boosted the data rate from 132 to 342 Mbytes/sec. It supports USB 2.0 and single lane PCI Express and can use both of these channels in the same module at the same time (see USB and PCI Express).

Smaller than PC Cards
ExpressCards are 11mm shorter than PC Cards and come in two widths: 54mm and 34mm. ExpressCard 54mm slots accommodate both sizes.

An Internal USB Solution
The ExpressCard eliminates the need to carry an external USB storage device and cable. For example, a USB hard drive or flash drive can remain within the laptop when traveling, with, at most, a small protrusion jutting out from the side. See PC Card.

The two leftmost ExpressCards are 54mm modules, while the other four are 34mm modules. (Image courtesy of Personal Computer Memory Card International Association.)

Two ExpressCard Sizes
The same 5mm thickness as Type II PC Cards, but 11mm shorter, ExpressCards come in two widths (see PC Card). (Image courtesy of Personal Computer Memory Card International Association.)
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