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extended family

the unit formed both by family members who are in the nuclear family and those who are not, but are still considered to be close relatives. While the nuclear family is composed of a couple and their children, the family group is ‘extended’ when the grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, or any selection of these, are included.

Extended families living together as a unit in one location occur more often in preindustrial societies, rather than in industrial societies where the nuclear family is sometimes seen as more compatible with the needs of modern economies. Sec also FAMILY, SOCIOLOGY OF THE FAMILY.

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Addressing a press conference, Divisional Commissioner-cum-Commissioner Mangla Dam Affairs Raja Amjad Pervaiz Ali Khan announced a package of incentives on behalf of the AJK Prime Minister, including reservation of place for construction of alternative site for the extended families of Mangla Dam affectees.
Traditionally, extended families were sustained by the collective familial production, whereby kinship groups worked together and shared economic wealth (see, for example, Nkomo 1998 and Mikell 1997 for related discussions.) With the advent of the Western nuclear type of family, some families are beginning to move away from kinship dependence.
A compilation of lively advice and heart-felt wisdom on living for the Lord applicable to singles, couples, parents, extended families, members of churches, professionals and laborers, homemakers and students, At Home In The World draws upon ancient and contemporary sources of revealed knowledge and experience-based wisdom on such issues as poverty, chastity, obedience, authority, money, pleasure, power, friends, enemies, hard times, and more.
Before these youngsters can be classified as orphans, every effort must be made to return them to their parents or extended families, she added.
Narrated in the first person, the story branches out to include several sub-plots involving the lives of criminals and also those of the squad members and their extended families. As the story line develops you forget the first-person narration until a totally unexpected turn of events near the end.
At least for foreign-born Mexican Americans, access to traditional avenues of psychological and financial support from their extended families, whether in Mexico or the United States, may partly protect mental health, the researchers say.
Attempting to explain the so-called "Darwinian paradox," they studied the extended families of 98 gay and 100 straight men and found that the gene or genes that may dictate homosexuality are passed along through female children.
More than a motto, "Family Taking Care of Family" is a calling for owners Bob and Lynn Huff and their team of licensed healthcare professionals who work among the residents and their extended families all day long.
He explained that entire extended families would be tattooed with the same tattoo.
Tours allow extended families and alumni to keep in close touch with their schools, show voters some of their tax dollars at work, establish needs for referendum and fundraising support, and enable staff and students to see how other schools throughout the country are organized.
While extended families in New Zealand and other Western societies do still function as mutual support systems in post-industrial society, this help is selective rather than automatic (McPherson 2000b).

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