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exterior insulation and finishing system

An exterior finish for a building composed of polystyrene foam covered with a synthetic stucco; this type of stucco (in contrast to traditional, porous cement-based stucco) is waterproof and is sprayed on.
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Renovations included 500 feet of facelift to the facade of a strip mall, including new roof gables and new exterior insulation finishing system. The design was provided by Landry Architects and took two months to complete.
The exterior insulation finishing system, or EIFS - which resembles stucco or precast concrete but has a higher insulation value - rolls gently into these corners.
Sto Corp's renovation team added expanded polystyrene from the outside in a 100,000-square-foot exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS), a lightweight, architecturally designed synthetic cladding system that combines foam plastic insulation with thin coatings in one integrated package.
WidstrE[micro]m of Terraco believes that "while it may take some time for consultants and builders in Saudi Arabia to become accustomed to specifying and using an exterior insulation finishing systems, we notice that in most markets architects are quick to see the benefits that these sustainable building systems give.

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