Exterior finish

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Exterior finish

The outside finish which is intended primarily to serve as a protection for the interior of the building and for ornamentation; consists of cornice trim, gutters, roof covering, wall material, door and window frames, water tables, corner boards, belt courses and other ornamentation.
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exterior finish

The outer finish of a building which provides protection against weather or serves as a decorative element.

outside finish, exterior finish

The surface treatment or decorative trim on the exterior of a building.
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It's important to routinely wash vehicles to protect their exterior finish. Use a mild cleanser designed for automobiles and a clean rag or sponge so as not to cause scratches that can cause further damage.
Written by expert civil and mechanical engineer Max Schwartz, Builder's Guide to Stucco Lath & Plaster is an in-depth manual especially for field professionals to plaster base (lath) and stucco's use as a versatile exterior finish. Chapters cover mixing and application basics, decorative plaster work, assorted properties of plaster from structural to thermal, cost estimating, typical causes and remedies of plaster failure, and more.
Made of high-gauge aluminum to provide perfect heat distribution, the cookware's exterior features a new and proprietary type of porcelain enamel finish that combines the durability of traditional porcelain enamel with the benefits of nonstick, resulting in a silky exterior finish and effortless cleanup.
Designed and built by the Banks Group, this gated development offers the high specification interior and exterior finish associated with top-end city centre apartments.
While it borrows some of the exterior finish from the Supercharged Sport it also borrows the supercharged car's Dynamic Response system which enables flat cornering while maintaining the composure of the ride.
Any type of interior and exterior finish can be used, but plaster and stucco are the easiest and most popular.
Only one-third the weight of real stone, stone veneers are classified as an exterior finish called "adhered veneer." However, there is a slim possibility that the veneer could detach or fall off in a severe earthquake.
Among the new features is an exterior finish that is five times more resistant to corrosion and chipping, through the use of the advanced autophoretic surface preparation process.
The two-piece molded design has a metallized exterior finish in bright gold, with the "Memorable" name molded into one side of the cap, achieved by a cam action tool.
Stucco-like EFIS (exterior finish insulation system) and rock-faced concrete block were substituted for brick.
Exterior finish is 120 grit achieved through mechanical polishing followed by electropolishing.

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