Extrabudgetary Funds

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Extrabudgetary Funds


in the USSR, earnings of budget institutions spent by them in addition to the funds allocated from the budget.

Extrabudgetary funds are subdivided into special funds, deposits, and miscellaneous funds. Special extrabudgetary funds include earnings from buildings and premises owned by the institutions, the use of transport, the production activity of instruction shops and auxiliary enterprises, receipts from museum and exhibition entrance fees and from sharing of planning expertise, the hearing of cases in a departmental arbitration commission, and several other sources. Deposits are funds received which are at the temporary disposition of the budget institution (security pledges, sums for unlitigated court cases). Upon the expiration of the term of limitation the nonrequested deposits are entered into the budget. Miscellaneous extrabudgetary funds include commissioned funds (for instance, funds of subordinate organizations for the centralized purchase of literature, materials, and equipment), payment by parents for the maintenance of children in pre-school institutions, contract sums for conducting scientific research work, and the like.


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Bifani was responding to accusations by Siniora, a former prime minister and finance minister, who had held a news conference last week to explain the spending of about $11 billion in extrabudgetary funds that had taken place during his tenure as premier from 2005 and 2009 and had for years raised speculation about his involvement.
The House of Representatives adopted yesterday all of these acts, as well as the financial plans of the extrabudgetary funds for this year, which are also supposed to be discussed by the House of Peoples tomorrow, in order for them to come into force.
The estimated annual cost to the Agency for the implementation of Iran's Additional Protocol and for verifying and monitoring Iran's nuclear-related commitments as set out in the JCPOA is e1/49.2 million per annum, all of which is to be provided from extrabudgetary funds in 2016.
The next section deals with budget implementation and includes chapters on procurement, payroll management, the treasury function, internal audit, and extrabudgetary funds.
Financing the World Health Organization: global importance of extrabudgetary funds. Health Policy 1996; 35; 229-45.
Extrabudgetary funds have been allocated for the reconstruction of the airport to meet the requirements of the ICAO.
(61) The WHO relies on extrabudgetary funds, and donor countries have chosen largely to channel their support through GAVI.
The literature considers that the financial system, economic relations is viewed as consisting of: a) relations reflected in the state budget and local budgets, b) relations reflected in state social insurance budget, the social security budget health budgets and other actions related to social security, c) relations generated by the creation and distribution of special extrabudgetary funds; d) Bank credit relations e) Insurance and reinsurance relationships of goods, persons and liability f) establishment of relations generated by the funds available to businesses.
(20) Of special significance are the reform measures to establish "two distinct avenues of collecting and spending" (shouzhi liangtiao xian) administrative fees, charges, fines, and confiscations so that extrabudgetary funds are under increasing scrutiny.
The lack of clearly defined, stable and uniform revenue assignments between the centre and subnational governments inherent in this approach has weakened budgetary management at the subnational level and created perverse incentives for subnational governments to either hide locally mobilised revenue sources in extrabudgetary funds (eg at the municipal levels in Ukraine, and at the regional level in many Central Asian countries), or to simply reduce their efforts to mobilise revenues locally.
is limited, and published information on extrabudgetary funds, tax expenditures, and contingent liabilities is partial or unavailable." EXPERIMENTAL REPORT, supra note 25, para.