Extracurricular Education

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Extracurricular Education


the aggregate of forms of cultural-educational, general educational, and training work among the adult population. The term ’’extracurricular education” appeared in the second half of the 19th century and became widespread in Russia at a time when public libraries, homes, and universities, Sunday schools, workers’ clubs, and other cultural-educational institutions for adults were being established for educational purposes in a number of European countries.

In the USSR after the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution extracurricular education was included in the general system of popular education. After the organization of the Main Political Education Committee (1920), it was termed political education and later, cultural-educational work.


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In learning societies today, there has been an increase in out-of-school time and extracurricular education for children and adolescents compared to the past.
* Lena Roy was raised in New York City in the cloistered environs of a theological seminary, with extracurricular education provided by Manhattans club scene.
The institute's aim is to offer extracurricular education and sporting activities to the most socially disadvantaged children and families to promote social inclusion and encourage participation in the community.
The Ministry is carrying out medium-term strategy of budget expenditures, which includes planning and management, preschool and pre-primary education, school and extracurricular education, vocational education, higher education, adult education and science.
LAHORE -- Mobilink Foundation has handed over a Mobile Library to the students of Pehli Kiran School System (PKSS) of Jahangir Akhtar Qureshi (JAQ) trust as a means to encouraging extracurricular education among the school children.
Regarding the meeting about gifted children, Dincer said that about 11,000 young people who have been classified as gifted as a result of an IQ test attend the Science and Art Centers (ByLSEMs), extracurricular education institutions, across Turkey.
On so many levels, Lego Robotics is a welcome addition to curricular and extracurricular education. Yet busy teachers need (and should) not go it alone.
He holds that the United States could benefit from expanding its non-formal and extracurricular education systems, intensifying the role of U.S.
Educational comparative research in the field of extended education, or out-of-school time and extracurricular education, is in its infancy.
The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Education and Science Dogdurgul Kendirbaeva, Head of the Preschool, School and Extracurricular Education Department Marat Usenaliev, Head of the Social and Humanitarian Subjects Laboratory of the Kyrgyz Academy of Education Murat Imankulov, etc.