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1. Films an actor or person temporarily engaged, usually for crowd scenes
2. Cricket a run not scored from the bat, such as a wide, no-ball, bye, or leg bye



an actor performing roles without words (or consisting of a few words), often taking part in mass scenes.


Performed work or a desired item of construction which is beyond the intent of the drawings and specifications contained in a construction contract; an item of work, 1 involving additional cost. Also see addition, 3.


Object-oriented, Pascal style, handles sets. "A Data Model and Query Language for EXODUS", M.J. Carey et al, SIGMOD 88 Conf Proc, pp.413- 423, ACM SIGMOD Record 17:3 (Sept 1988).
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Extras are often included in scenes where there is a crowd, such as a sporting event, a music concert, street scenes or a restaurant.
Sobeys Inc, an owner and franchiser of stores under retail banners in Canada, on Thursday announced the grand opening of Sobeys extra in Burlington, Ontario.
Extras include the documentary ``The Release of Fahrenheit 9/11,'' the ``Iraq, Pre-War'' featurette and other extras.
92) includes the first three films and extras on six discs.
He simpers and fawns as Caroline Giovanni, the film's Julia Roberts-esque diva whose research extends to inviting extras into her trailer.
One of thousands of film hopefuls who lined up in September at Lancaster City Park to apply for work as extras, Herrera, 48, of Lancaster is no stranger to the film industry.
The extras on the DVD are mostly suited for the young ones, but adults won't mind sitting though repeated watchings.
The six-disc DVD has a number of extras including 44 deleted scenes with commentary and features on the making of the series.
The Meaning of Life'' was the brilliant British comedy troupe's last film together, although the five remaining members - Cleese, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam (Graham Chapman died in 1989) - joined in to help create the extras.
We love the DVD so much for the quality plus the outtakes and the extras.