Extruded Section

Extruded Section


an elongated metal product, manufactured by extrusion through a die. Extruded sections may be solid or hollow and may have constant or variable cross section.

Aluminum-alloy sections are the most common; in the USSR there are about 15,000 items in this group. Industrial production of extruded steel and titanium sections has been mastered. There are more than 1,000 items in this group. In addition, extruded sections are manufactured from magnesium, copper, and nickel alloys.

Extrusion of sections has a number of advantages over rolling: the possibility of processing materials of low plasticity, a more complex configuration of the cross section, smaller deviations from nominal dimensions, and lower expenditures for tooling and retooling during changeovers from one size to another. Extruded sections are used in the manufacture of structural components in machine building, aircraft construction, and shipbuilding and railroad and motor-vehicle transportation; supporting and finishing elements in the construction industry; and furniture and sports equipment.


See extrusion.


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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Aluminum Extruded Section Etc.
This strategy works particularly well in the tropics, for a relatively narrow extruded section encourages cross ventilation.
A new modular style aluminium security door will be fitted which is constructed of hardened aluminium extruded section which is powder coated with a coloured finish.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Aluminium Extruded Section
Tenders are invited for Aluminium Barrel Tower Bolt With Barrel And Bolt Of Extruded Section Of Aluminium Alloy, Size 100Mm To Is, 204 Part-2 1992.
The section from the A-pillar through to the leading edge of the C-pillar, for example, is made of a single extruded section," says Winter.
The vehicle features a new multi-material design, with aluminium castings, extruded sections and panels used in the front and rear ends.
We believe that the new alloys, together with advanced die design that reduce and optimize wall thickness and integrate extruded sections with cast and pressed sheet components, will provide design solutions that will increase weight saving and vehicle productivity.
The innovative aluminium body is based on a further developed version of the Audi Space Frame technology and compared with its predecessor, the car features a significantly reduced number of body components, thanks to the use of more functional large castings and extruded sections.
By contrast, the Audi R8's ASF structure uses a lot of extruded sections that are production intensive but have low capital costs.
formerly made and distributed aluminum sheets, foil and extruded sections used in the packaging, container, construction, appliance and vehicle manufacturing sectors.