Extruded Section

Extruded Section


an elongated metal product, manufactured by extrusion through a die. Extruded sections may be solid or hollow and may have constant or variable cross section.

Aluminum-alloy sections are the most common; in the USSR there are about 15,000 items in this group. Industrial production of extruded steel and titanium sections has been mastered. There are more than 1,000 items in this group. In addition, extruded sections are manufactured from magnesium, copper, and nickel alloys.

Extrusion of sections has a number of advantages over rolling: the possibility of processing materials of low plasticity, a more complex configuration of the cross section, smaller deviations from nominal dimensions, and lower expenditures for tooling and retooling during changeovers from one size to another. Extruded sections are used in the manufacture of structural components in machine building, aircraft construction, and shipbuilding and railroad and motor-vehicle transportation; supporting and finishing elements in the construction industry; and furniture and sports equipment.


See extrusion.


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The minimum radius for extruded section is 0.20 mm (0.007").
This strategy works particularly well in the tropics, for a relatively narrow extruded section encourages cross ventilation.
Tenders are invited for the reconstruction of the extruded section of road II / 421 in the cadastral area of Zajec and Prtluky.
Based on a heavy-duty aluminium extruded section, offering a clean, modern look with high solidity and strength, the unit comes complete with a 10-year guarantee.
Tenders are invited for Led Highbay Luminaries 120 W, View Angle 120 Degree, Housing Extruded Section As Heat Sink & Alu.
The subject of the construction is the reconstruction of the road II / 422 in the extruded section between the town of Kyjov and the village Svatoborice - Mistrn in the total length of 1,131 km category S 7.5.
"The section from the A-pillar through to the leading edge of the C-pillar, for example, is made of a single extruded section," says Winter.
Tenders are invited for Led Highbay Luminaries 120W,View Angle 120Degree,Housing Extruded Section As Heat Sink & Alu.Casting Control Box,Min 110Lumens/Watt, Ip65 Protection,Eye Bolt Mounting Cool Whitelight,I/P: 180-270 Vac 50 Hz, Led Life e1/250000Hr As Per Specification Attached.Make: Philips/Bajaj/Cg/Wipro/Surya/Syska
Is Multi Currency Allowed For Fee: No Eligibility Criteria : Aluminium Extruded Section EMD value : INR 70000 Document Purchase Start date : 07 Apr 2018 Document Purchase End date : 26 Apr 2018 Pre-bid meeting date : 01 Jan 2000 Opening date : 27 Apr 2018
Tenders are invited for led highbay luminaries 120w, view angle 120degree, housing extruded section as heat sink and alu
c) Size: 065 mm OD x 30 mm long Aluminium Extruded Section
No Is:733:1983 Designation 64430 In Wp Condition In Multiple Length Of 103 Mm Preferred Bar Length 1.03 Mtr.And Above To Ofdc Sk.1470 (F) .Max Allow Peripheral Grain Growth On Extruded Section 5% Of Nominal Dimen All Over (Ref.Clause 4.2 Of Is:733-19