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A proteinaceous material that passes through blood vessel walls into the surrounding tissue in inflammation or a superficial lesion.
Any substance that is exuded.
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fluid exuded by small blood vessels during an inflammation that contains protein, leukocytes, erythrocytes, minerals, cellular elements and, frequently, the microbes that caused the inflammation. Any inflammation may give rise to an exudate, which will saturate the surrounding tissues or collect in the body cavities. By compressing the surrounding organs and tissues an exudate may interfere with their function. An exudate helps to spread the infection when it escapes into the tissues from the focus of inflammation. There are serous, purulent, bloody, and fibrinous exudates, depending on the dominant elements. If treated promptly and correctly, an exudate is completely resorbed without leaving any changes after it. An exudate must be distinguished from edematous fluid (transudate), which collects in the body cavities and tissue interstices following the development of an edema.

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Our findings depicted that there was significant decrease in exudate and average change in surface area by application of vancomycin impregnated dressings as compared to simple dressing (p-value <0.01).
stali for collecting and storing the exudate from GT (Avila-Nunez et al., 2016).
In addition, the spectra of the pseudo-wound exudate after being submerged with the alginate dressings were not quite similar to those of the pseudo-wound exudate, but other wound dressings were not dispersed in a pseudo-wound exudate.
(a) Fundus photography shows apparent sclerosis of the retinal arterial macroaneurysm (RAM) with lipid exudate in the macula.
Table 6 shows comparison of sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value when using Light's criteria to differentiate exudate and transudate and when using pleural fluid cholesterol to differentiate exudate and transudate among various studies.
Like Retinal Diabetic, Microaneurysms, Hard Exudates, blood vessels segmentation has been performed accurately using automatic detection by classifier based vessel tracking methods.
Among the various variables of the scoring system, older age, female sex, associated organ failure, duration of presentation from time of onset of symptoms and type of exudate had a significant role in predicting the eventual outcome of the patient.
The authors reported that development of systemic disease was significantly more frequent in patients receiving only topical therapy than in those treated with systemic antibiotics (31.71% versus 2.38%, p = 0.001); therefore, observation of Gram negative diplococci in a Gram stain from conjunctival exudate should be considered for systemic antibacterial therapy ("discussed by Barquet et al.
In current study, we not only conducted AC-induced pleurisy and carrageenan-evoked acute air-pouch synovitis tests on the basis of the previous researches [30,31], but also examined the WBC number and inflammatory mediators both in serum and in lavage exudate. And in both AC-induced pleurisy and carrageenan-evoked acute air-pouch synovitis tests, when compared with the control group, there were no significantly differences on the volume of exudate and the number of WBC in treated (DXM and RSV) groups (P > 0.05).
Evacuation of uterine inflammatory exudates is primary requirement to obtain success through local and parenteral antibiotic therapy in infertile mares (Causey, 2006).
As for managing exudate and bleeding, dressing choice is again an important consideration.