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1. the transverse bony ridge over each eye
2. the arch of hair that covers this ridge


A curved molding over the top of a window or door, often referred to as a hood.

eyebrow, eyebrow dormer

A low dormer that has no sides, the roofing courses being caried over the domer in a continuos wavy line.
References in classic literature ?
Madame Defarge knitted with nimble fingers and steady eyebrows, and saw nothing.
Then, for one instant turning on Otto his drooping, delicate features, and the wintry hair that seemed to drip over his eyebrows like icicles, he added: `You see, I am dead, too.
And he ruminated long before the portrait of a white-haired man with black eyebrows and a pink, painted sort of smile that seemed to contradict the black warning in his eyes.
It is devilish fine wine," said the Eyebrows, and they looked more good-humoured; and George was going to take advantage of this complacency, and bring the supply question on the mahogany, when the father, relapsing into solemnity, though rather cordial in manner, bade him ring the bell for claret.
And as for the pink bonnets (here from under the heavy eyebrows there came a knowing and not very pleasing leer)--why boys will be boys.
Mar 07 (ANI): The newest kid on the block - Halo Eyebrow - has left Instagram in splits.
The eyebrow expert said that the future royal appears to be very relaxed.
You recently started to use a new eyebrow cosmetic and your skin is red, scaly and itchy.
Emma Watson, Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne are the inspiration for the gamine eyebrow shape everyone is lusting after.
A MAN who bit off another man's eyebrow and spat it out in an unprovoked pub attack has been jailed for six years.
Unlike eyebrow tattoos that frequently look unnatural and unattractive, eyebrow microblading lasts for 3 years at the most, providing you with your vision naturally looking thick eyebrows or any other shape your prefer.
The Latin word for eyebrow was supercilium, formed from super-, meaning "above, over" and cilium, meaning "eyelid.