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see EzekielEzekiel
, prophetic book of the Bible. The book is a collection of oracles emanating from the career of the priest Ezekiel, who preached to Jews of the Babylonian captivity from 593 B.C. to 563 B.C. (according to the chronology given in the book itself in chapters 1 and 2).
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33) He boldly announces that 'I shall fulfill Holly Wrytt' (113) just as Christ claims he came to fulfill the law, (34) and as evidence he exclaims, 'De me enim dicitur Ezechiel tricesimo sexto: "Tollam vos de gentibus et congregabo vos de universis terris, et reducam vos in terram vestram"' (24 sd).
It largely consists of a string of scriptural quotations (we have identified quotations from Genesis 18, Ezechiel 1, Acts 7, Haggai 1, and Proverbs 16, among others); the verso is too discoloured to read.
Ita et Deus ex Virgine natus est non aperiendo, non corrumpendo, quia haec porta clausa erit in perpetuum; non aperietur, et vir non transibitper eam, ait Ezechiel, sed fecundando et decorando.
Another chapter examines how the Huguenot immigrant minister Ezechiel Carre promoted sympathy for the Camisards among Massachusetts Puritans, including influencing Cotton Mather's theological and social views.
Este responde a Leibniz muy bien dispuesto unas semanas despues, diciendole que la corte se prepara para el "grand affaire", mientras Leibniz trabaja de manera exitosa en Hanover en el negotium irenicum (30) En diciembre de 1697 le lleva a Leibniz el embajador de Brandenburgo, Ezechiel von Spanheim a Leibniz un resumen de la aprobacion del predicador reformado Daniel Ernst Jablonski (31); Leibniz se lo hace llegar a dos teologos de su confianza en Helmstedt, Schmidt y Fabricius (32), y el mismo se pone a trabajar con Molanus en una respuesta (33).
Ezechiel observe le temple de Jerusalem a l'abandon, les anciens d'Israel s'y livrant a des actes impies.
The yearly tradition remembers the time when the French, under General Ezechiel de Melac, virtually brought the city to the ground and the castle with it.
In L'Adultera, Ezechiel van der Straaten, his wife, and their friends appropriately take caution when planning their excursion to Stralau.
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Sportcal researcher Ezechiel Abatan points to the huge audience shares the World Cup delivers.
SAN JERONIMO, Comentarium in Ezechiel I, 1 ; PL 25, 22 A-B.
This becomes most evident in Abecassis' enthralling epilogue where he exposes Solal's failure (suicide) in the painful father-son narrative Ezechiel (1932), a story replete with antisemitic imagery and Jewish self-hatred.