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, prophetic book of the Bible. The book is a collection of oracles emanating from the career of the priest Ezekiel, who preached to Jews of the Babylonian captivity from 593 B.C. to 563 B.C. (according to the chronology given in the book itself in chapters 1 and 2).
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(33) He boldly announces that 'I shall fulfill Holly Wrytt' (113) just as Christ claims he came to fulfill the law, (34) and as evidence he exclaims, 'De me enim dicitur Ezechiel tricesimo sexto: "Tollam vos de gentibus et congregabo vos de universis terris, et reducam vos in terram vestram"' (24 sd).
'for even if a wicked man (as says Ezechiel) begets a son, yet, if he feels fear and commits no such wickedness, his father's impiety will not be laid to his charge.
The visible texts had been identified as from Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Ezechiel, and Hosea, and there seemed to be two promising fragments in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek: Clm 29260(1, containing texts from Genesis, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Judges; and Clm 29260(2, containing texts from iii Kings and ii Paralipomenon.
Velkeho Izraele (hebrejsky Erec Jisra'el ha-Slema, doslova "uplna zeme izraelska"), a kteremu odpovidaji uzemi biblicky vymezena v Genesis 15:18-21, Numeri 34:1-15 a knize Ezechiel 47:13-20 (10), nicmene dnes v diskuzich zpravidla odpovidajici oblasti dnesniho Izraele, Judeje a Samari.
Ich wiell entschuldiget sein und warnen euch, geeth recht mit eurem ampt umb, Ezechiel 3 [3:18f].
By sharing such unique stories, Rich Hallstrom and Ezechiel "Zeke" Bambolo, Jr.
Le Club Africain a officiellement verse la derniere tranche du transfert du Tchadien, Ezechiel, qui s'eleve a 400.000 euros, a l'ancienne equipe du joueur, l'USM Blida, a annonce, hier, la presse locale.
In superb condition the note features the White Tower at Ramleh and the signatures of Sir Percy Ezechiel, Sir John Caulcutt and Roland Vanables Members of the Palestine Currency Board.
Another chapter examines how the Huguenot immigrant minister Ezechiel Carre promoted sympathy for the Camisards among Massachusetts Puritans, including influencing Cotton Mather's theological and social views.