Ezequiel Zamora

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Zamora, Ezequiel


Born Feb. 1, 1817, in Cua; died Jan. 10, 1860, in San Carlos. Popular hero of Venezuela.

Zamora became leader of the democratic wing of the liberals at the end of the 1840’s. He championed principles of national sovereignty, democracy, and egalitarianism, the realization of which he linked to the establishment of a federal state. In February 1859 he led a popular uprising that marked the beginning of a civil war in Venezuela known as the Federal War. Troops led by Zamora gained several victories over the conservatives. Zamora fell victim to a terrorist act.

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He lionized his grandfather, who had served in the army of Ezequiel Zamora, the liberal general who rose in 1876 in an abortive coup against the central government.
Venezuela's government intends to set up a fund dubbed Ezequiel Zamora to provide direct funding to agricultural projects.
Yet Bolivar, Simon Rodriguez (Bolivar's tutor & companion) and Ezequiel Zamora (a peasant leader who warred for the landless poor) were central to Chavez.
Zoocriadero de la Universidad Nacional Experimental de los Llanos "Ezequiel Zamora" (UNELLEZ, Laboratorio de Patologia Clinica de la Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), SERVEDINCA.
Far from a Marxist materialist, Chavez believes himself to be the reincarnation--literally--of Ezequiel Zamora, a peasant revolutionary who fought for land reform in the Venezuelan civil wars of the 1840S and 1850s.
The Ezequiel Zamora Agro-Industrial Sugar Complex (CAAEZ) is centered around a state-of-the-art sugar mill now under construction with Cuban technicians and Brazilian equipment, a reflection of the desire for Latin American collaboration.