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Salud, Manuel Rosaot, Lynne Paculba Noja, Julius Pegarro and Ezer Guma Montaos.
A meeting at Camp David with (l-r) Aharon Barak, Menachem Begin, Anwar Sadat, and Ezer Weizmann,1978 - Courtesy of Jimmy Carter Library - Handout Via Reuters Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin acknowledge applause during a Joint Session of Congress in which President Jimmy Carter announced the results of the Camp David Accords - Warren K.
The words, 'helper suitable' come from the Hebrew words 'ezer kenegdo.' The English translation of 'helper suitable' is a bit anemic, and doesn't reflect the strength of the original Hebrew very well.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Oct 22 (ANI): American actors Jeremy Allen White and wife Addison Timlin welcomed their bundle of joy, a baby girl named Ezer Billie White.
Windsurfing was initially introduced in Oman in 2012 with the arrival of Turkish coach Koray Ezer, who continues to guide the windsurfers.
Abdulkerim Temiz (1), Murat Gedikoglu (2), Semire Serin Ezer (1), Pelin Oguzkurt (1), Akgun Hicsonmez (1)
In addition to the roads, the construction plan also includes a tunnel and railway system running between Jerusalem and the Biter Elite and Eli Ezer settlements.
The final selection decision for Buenos Aires will be made by Oman Sail performance management team, which includes Neil Coxon, director of sailing, Mohsin al Busaidi, youth team manager, Rashid al Kindi, national sailing team manager and Koray Ezer, head of performance, following an international regatta in Poland in June and the world championship in Latvia in August, as well as other assessments.
The word "helper" is the translation of the Hebrew word, "ezer".
The programme also included a launch of a book by Ladislav Grosman on March 24 afternoon, a screening of a documentary film and a concert of the Eben Ezer choir, with the launch of another book, by Anna Ondrusekova.The event culminated on Sunday, March 25, at 15:00, by laying wreaths at the Holocaust Victims Memorial Plaque at the Poprad railway station, according to SITA.
1993: Ezer Weizman was elected president of Israel.