Vidkun Quisling

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Quisling, Vidkun


Born July 18, 1887, in the village of Fyresdal, the county of Telemark; died Oct. 24, 1945, in Oslo. Leader of the Norwegian fascists. Son of a clergyman.

Quisling received a military education and was a major in the Norwegian Army. In April-December 1918 he was military attaché in Petrograd, a post he also held in Helsinki from October 1920 until May 1921. In 1931–33 he was minister of war. In May 1933 he organized a fascist party, the National Union. Quisling helped fascist Germany to occupy Norway (April 1940). On Feb. 1, 1942, he became prime minister of Norway’s puppet government; he dealt severely with the Norwegian patriots. After the liberation of Norway he was shot by order of a Norwegian court. His name has become a synonym for traitor.

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