In radar, a rectangular display in which a target appears as a centralized blip. Horizontal and vertical aiming errors are, respectively, indicated by the horizontal and vertical displacement of the blip. Also called an F-scan, F-scope, or F-indicator.
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After the loading of 600N, the changes of the plantar pressure in forefoot were measured by the method of the F-scan plantar pressure system.
Data were collected using the F-Scan in-shoe system.
We used the F-Scan system to quantify these changes.
Therefore, the F-scan system can be used to evaluate changes in pressure following motor nerve block and surgery and to measure the effectiveness of these two treatments using objective, quantified parameters (these parameters have previously been found to be repeatable and to have low variability in a noninterventional study [17]).
Package 6 - module software upgrade to the position for recording and analyzing EEG signals Digitrack held by the Employer; Package 7 - Wireless data communication module for the F-Scan system held by the Employer (1 pc.
a leading provider of technologies for analyzing foot function, gait, and balance, announced the release of new, improved software for their F-Scan in-shoe analysis system.
The F-Scan system gives them that kind of objective documentation.
Levine uses the F-Scan system at his podiatry practice, Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic in Franklin, MD.
Vertical GRFs were collected with the F-scan sensors as subjects ascended and descended an 11step test staircase with a step height of 17 cm and step tread of 28.
The Figure provides sample images from the F-scan sensors from identical stance periods during stair ascent.
The pressure measurement system selected to monitor and record the interface pressure between the residual limb and prosthetic socket was a validated 6-channel F-Scan system (Tekscan), and the system software used was version 5.
Furthermore, the strength of the F-Scan system is in the number of pressure cells recorded and not the data from an individual cell.