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outside-air intake

An opening or inlet through which outside air is brought into an air-conditioning system or into a boiler room. Also called a fresh-air intake.
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It's understood the tournament would involve the top two or three clubs from each league's Premier Division and the FAI and Irish Cup winners.
FAI is leading the effort to review the skills, abilities, and personal traits that make up the general and technical competencies that acquisition individuals need at the various stages of their careers.
Many of the current FAI committees were formed as an outgrowth of the competency effort.
People are getting past their original negativity and the misinformation that has been spread and are realizing that the FAI process here is far more comprehensive and profound in nature than anything that is going on elsewhere in Canada.
As for the kit, an FAI source said it wasn't available due to the recent changeover to New Balance.
FAI is a member of the Marfin Investment Group of Greece.
A move back under the wing of the FAI would have considerable financial implications for the league.
FAI The Earliest Records Systems: A Journey in Professional History April 1998/Vol.
The FAI insisted last night that the PFAI only put the request for facilities and equipment in last Thursday.
We wish to now clarify that the legal action taken by the FAI had nothing to do with comments Des Cahill made about Mr Delaney's salary but related to comments made on that show about the FAI.
The association of the FAI and SINERGI was initiated early during the year.
CASH strapped FAI chiefs are ready to break the bank to lure in a top class replacement for Mick McCarthy.