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Abbr. for “Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.”
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"Over the past six years," continued the FAIA, "the Plan has averaged an annual deficit of more than $300 million, imposing on insurers an additional expense of more than 30 percent in an already unprofitable line of business.
Mendelson, FAIA, is an acknowledged design industry leader in the area of risk management and contracts.
Florida agents will march with the team from FAIA at "Capitol Days" on March 20 to show support for AOB reform.
During her interview with Mona Al-Shazly on CBC, Faia Younan explained that anyone who has access to an audience who believes in his or her idea can use the crowdfunding platform, in order to secure the production for his/her creative project.
The artist Faia is a Syrian expatriate who is originally from Aleppo and has lived since her childhood in Sweden.
Adrian Cohen, FAIA, will lead operations for the four DLR Group offices in California from Los Angeles.
As such, we fully support the work of FAIA and Trusted Choice to help our independent agency partners grow and be competitive in an increasingly complex digital world.'
"By design, the Brooklyn Strand plan is an opportunity to adapt 1950s-era infrastructure into a new vision for true connectivity and accessibility between downtown Brooklyn, its neighborhoods and the waterfront," said Claire Weisz, FAIA, architect and urbanist who co-founded WXY architecture + urban design.
In the video, entitled "Li-Biladi" (To Our Countries), Rihan describes the appalling situation in Syria as well as Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq with a series of short, poetic sentences, broken up by short selections of songs by Fairuz, sung by Faia. Faia had earlier appeared in a YouTube video in September, singing about "love and peace" in a Stockholm street, accompanied by an organist.
Design team: Planner/designer (AECOM); lead designer (Mic Johnson, FAIA); architect of record (Champlin Architecture); MEP engineer (Heapy Engineering); landscape architect (Meisner & Associates/Land Vision); construction Manager (Turner Construction Co.)
Last year, FAIA's board commissioned a study to assist agents seeking or accepting offers of appointment with Florida's new breed of domestic carrier.