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A prominent 'help' link leads users to an extensive and well-organized FAQ list, which also contains a wealth of background information on Pandora and the Music Genome Project.
An FAQ list answers commonly asked questions, and enhanced Live Chat functionality helps visitors that have immediate questions about configurations, purchasing or other issues.
You've done such a good job with your FAQ list that your agents are only getting the complicated questions, but because you've prepped your agents so well, they don't have any trouble.
Users can select and combine these methodologies to best suit their skill level, such as choosing a question from an FAQ list and then following a diagnostic script to troubleshoot a cell phone problem.
* Business Energy Library, an electronic encyclopedia and extensive FAQ list about utility issues in Memphis and Shelby County.
The paper offers a 12-point guide for setting up courses, which includes: (1) guidelines for counselors and faculty advisors; (2) course set-up instructions; (3) student registration instructions; (4) a FAQ list for avoiding unnecessary email; (5) writing assignments that encourage students to explore and navigate the course site; (6) take-home assignments sent as attachments; (7) reminders of online and proctored tests; (8) study plans for each upcoming test; (9) review questions to encourage participation; (10) emails to update grades and progress; (11) turn-around timeline to respond to emails; and (12) textbook selection.