Federally Administered Tribal Areas

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Federally Administered Tribal Areas,

Pakistan: see Tribal AreasTribal Areas,
officially the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), administrative region (1998 pop. 3,176,331), 10,510 sq mi (27,220 sq km), NW Pakistan, comprising seven agencies (or tribal areas) and six generally smaller frontier regions located mainly between
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A Fata province would also not burden KP financially, hence avoiding likely financial and administrative conflicts.
A number of tribal elders also announced to support JUI-F for its view over Fata province.
I would say if the Pakhtunkhwa government now agrees to the formation of a separate Hazara province then it would be bound to allow to Fata province tomorrow and accordingly a Swat province because the people of these areas have also demanded for separate provinces in the past.
He said that he is in favor of FATA province creation but mutual consensus could be needed for it, adding that the PML-Q would not participate in any dispute during the proceeding of the parliament.
The speakers condemned the JUI-F for organising an anti-Fata-KP merger gathering in Islamabad and called the JUI-F and PkMAP's demand for a separate Fata province against the interest of tribesmen.
Virtually no support for a separate FATA province due to its geographic location, weak linkages between the agencies and limited financial resources.
I believe that in the near future Pakistan will have to face that movement for a separate FATA province.
He said that there were also demands of Hazara and FATA province and national level commission should be formed in this regard.
He helped make sure the polls in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata provinces were largely trouble-free.