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see Arafat, YasirArafat, Yasir or Yasser
, 1929–2004, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the coordinating body for Palestinian organizations, and head of Al Fatah, the largest group in the PLO.
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; Palestine Liberation OrganizationPalestine Liberation Organization
(PLO), coordinating council for Palestinian organizations, founded (1964) by Egypt and the Arab League and initially controlled by Egypt.
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In 2010, Fatah was informed he would be given a job in the district government on the directives of former Sindh chief minister Qaim Ali Shah.
Heavy fighting is also underway between the Syrian army and Fatah al-Sham near Deir al-Khabiyeh and al-Moqeibileh near al-Zakiyeh.
The video is far from Jabhat Fatah al-Sham's only media play as of late.
Hamas further accused Fatah of being involved in concealing the perpetrators of Arafat's murder.
The four-point declaration is expected to completely alter Fatah's approach to the Palestinian cause.
Lino is said to be loyal to former top Fatah official in Gaza Mohammad Dahlan, who was also expelled from the party over graft charges.
Hamas security authorities banned Fatah central committee member Zakaria Al-Agha from traveling to Ramallah in the West Bank today.
"The message today is that Fatah cannot be wiped out," said Amal Hamad, a member of the group's ruling body.
Hamas, the more militant and Islamist of the two parties, won a majority in the Palestinian parliament in 2006, prompting a split that sometimes erupted into violent conflict, and which left Hamas in control of Gaza City and Fatah dominating the West Bank.
Summary: Gaza City: The Gaza branch of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party has started celebrations ...
BATI E[currency]ERyA (CyHAN)- Celebrations in the Gaza Strip to commemorate Fatah's 48th anniversary will go ahead as planned, after Hamas officials approved a venue for the events late Thursday, a Fatah official said Mn reported.
Fatah announced in a statement and carried by AL HAYAT that "Hamas needs to offer an apology to Fatah and the Palestinian people" from preventing the Fatah delegation from entering Gaza.